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The Premium Collection


Arrive at the similimum

- Right Remedy

- Right Potency

-Right Repetition Quickly


6 CDS - 11 modules

With 5000 Articles, 29 Repertories, 270 Homoeopathic Books, Over 100,000 pages of information.

* Classic

- Contains 28 repertories.Has Largest number of repertorisation strategies. Gives you analysis based on Animal, Mineral and Plant Kingdoms. Has wide range of repertories with most common, regional and originals created by masters. A total Patient analysis and management module.

* Archives

- Has 220 books on Materia Medica, Philosophy, Therapeutics, Regional Therapeutics, Clinical, Drug pictures and pharmacy. With its unique indexing system, you can search for any word in any permutation or combination in a matter of seconds and open respective occurrence.

* Utilities

- An academic module that makes learning or pleasurable experience. It has group symptoms, therapeutics, prophylactic medicines, mother tinctures, questions set of all subjects, cross referances, word meanings and case analysis module.

* Tresorie

- A unique compilation of articles

* Materia Medica Live

- The world's first Homoeopathic Multimedia C.D. where 22 remedies come alive infront of you. It is a work of science with a touch of art.

* Materia Medica Elite

- A new exclusive and invaluable tool for Homoeopaths. Incorporates multimedia presentation of 31 important remedies. Provides Complete materia medica, Drug pictures, Keynotes, Drug properties, Powerpoint presentations etc. of these remedies.

* Hompath Assist

- Keeps a track of the practitioner schedule.

* Links Tresorie

- A collector's module


Contact for details


Dr. Jawahar Shah

8, New Hari Niwas, Dattatray Road, Santacruz (w),

Mumbai 400 054