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Dr. J. D. Patil ( India )

[ B.Sc., B.H.M.S.(Poona), D.Ac.(Acu.), D.M.L.T.(Delhi), A.R.S.H.(London), D.I.Hom.(Lond.)]


Yes, there is need of reproving of Homoeopathic medicines in India.

Homoeopathic medicines are proved by our great masters, so there is no doubt about the efficacy of Homoeopathic medicines but we must rectify the proving of the medicines because it is considered that Homoeopathic medicines are affected by following factors related in India & foreign countries.

(1) Climate

(2) Planets

(3) Season

(4) Temperature

(5) Time

(6) Diet

These are diference of Indian & Weastern Culture.

The most of Homoeopathic medicines are proved in the countries which are having the temperature much below than zero degree. So we must consider this point that, such medicines are proved in cold climate are effective if they are used in countries having the hot temperature upto 46 'C.There are different opinion about the reproving of medicines in our country also. The medicine should be rectified and verified their efficacy on hot temperature also.

Even the plants which are used in those cold, countries differ from the species i.e. Cactus used from which species ? - exactly we don't know so the cactus grown in Hot temperature.